Over the years we’ve built some great relationships and come to trust certain people for what they do well.  We collaborate with the following people and companies, especially when the very service our clients require is something our colleagues do exceptionally well.

Jackie Palmer

Jackie has her foundations in Organisational Psychology and is trained as a Results Coach. Her focus is specifically in the area of goal setting where she works with individuals and teams to set challenging yet inspiring goals. Her interests are in the application of neuroscience in the field of 1:1 coaching, organisational and leadership development. She is particularly fascinated by the congruence of the mind and body in relation to attitude, action and wellbeing. She is continually expanding her understanding of the influence of self-awareness, thought process and inter/intrapersonal dynamics to enhance work and relationships, in order to lead a well-balanced and meaningful life. Jackie values diversity and working with individuals who are open and responsive to bringing about transformational change.


Jackie is committed to continual personal learning and is engaging with the work of Nancy Kline, Alan Sieler, James Flaherty, Dan Siegel, David Rock and Jon Kabat-Zinn, amongst others. She truly believes that the workings of the mind are key to inter/intrapersonal relationships and that every individual needs Time to Think® to achieve this understanding. As Jackie’s personal journey has evolved, the centrality of the individual within teams and organisational change has emerged as crucial, and this has informed her current transition.


Jackie’s passion for understanding human behaviour started at University where she studied psychology, organisational psychology and media. Jackie has facilitated Team Building activities, including team cohesion, core skills for successful communication & leadership development. Clients have included middle and senior management from Sanlam, governmental departments, Balltron and Vodacom to mention a few. She was also Head of HR for a Sales & Marketing organisation where she was responsible for recruitment, selection, labour relations, training & development, succession planning and performance management. Here she contributed significantly to the development of sales teams in three regions and received two Special Recognition awards for valuable contributions to the company. This provided her with good grounding for deeper questioning around the development of individuals, teams and organisations. Previously, Jackie worked as Operations Manager and spent time sourcing, matching and placing international students and graduates in internships in the fields of business, finance, economics, entrepreneurship and communications, as well as coaching & mentoring these young professionals through their experiences. Those who’ve worked with Jackie have found her to be productive, dependable, empathic, direct, diligent, honest, fair, open and having a good sense of humour.


  • Results Coach (Results Coaching Systems, Neuroleadership Group), April 2014
  • Mindsight & Interpersonal Neurobiology Training with Dr Dan Siegel, September 2013
  • Introduction to Ontological Coaching with Alan Sieler (The Newfield Institute), August 2013
  • Introduction Learning to Live with Anxiety with Ann Bakkes (Symphonia), March 2013
  • Leadership and Life Skills in Successful Team Management (Maxima Training & Consulting), July 2010
  • BA Honours Degree in Organisational Psychology (UCT), 2009
  • BA in Organisational Psychology and Media & Writing (with distinction in Organisational Psychology) (UCT), 2008
  • Dean’s Merit List 2007 & 2008 (UCT)

Claudia Boers

Claudia is committed to helping people see and access their amazing potential. She loves nothing more than watching people overcome fear, get unstuck and embrace new possibilities. She knows how much courage it takes to step into a place of self-reflection, learning and expansion. Clients will have her guidance, support and encouragement throughout their process. Sometimes the process is difficult and sometimes it’s lots of fun. Whatever’s unfolding, she brings warmth and humour to her sessions. She feels inspired when people find their authentic inner self and align this with the rest of their lives.


In terms of her approach, Claudia helps individuals become aware of how they listen and speak, what moods and emotions they habitually experience, and how they embody these areas of existence. All of these elements of people’s way of being influence how they are perceived and more importantly, how they perceive themselves and their potential. Claudia believes that we can’t change what we’re not aware of, so knowing deeply ourselves is the first step. This is the start of meaningful and sustainable change. Her particular way of coaching goes deeper than goal-based strategies. It helps people shift unhelpful attitudes, perceptions and ingrained emotions. These changes actually equip people to see new perspectives and possibilities and work towards goals in any context of their lives.


Claudia’s life changed forever and for the better after experiencing coaching herself and finding the courage to leave behind a 20-year career in corporate retail and follow her heart. It turned out to be one of the best and most empowering decisions she ever made. After living and working in the UK for 17 years she returned to South Africa in 2014. Claudia loves living in South Africa and feels inspired to be playing a part in her country’s own particular self-development process. She works with all sorts of people from all over the world who want something different from their lives. She considers it a privilege to be a part of these journeys.


  • Certificate in Counselling and Counselling Skills from Birkbeck, University of London, 2012
  • Successful completion of the 18 month Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program (The Newfield Institute, Australia)
  • 250 hours of coaching
  • Associate Certified Coach accreditation with the ICF (International Coach Federation), March 2019
  • Time to Think ‘Thinking Partnership’ Programme, 2017

Pippa Dowding

Pippa has worked in the organisational development fields of training, facilitation and executive coaching for the past 20 years and has a Masters degree in Coaching. Her coaching niche has been supporting the growth of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in senior leaders in order to skilfully lead in a complex world where ambiguity and uncertainty are increasing.


Pippa’s coaching approach encourages the client to become conscious of what is causing them stress, through growing their mindfulness, awareness and capacity to live in the world with perspectives and behaviours that are constructive. Her coaching model is an inclusive and systemic framework based on Ken Wilber’s Integral model, which enables the client to reflect on their individual experience as well as the collective influence and choose ‘ways of being and engaging’ that feel congruent and inspiring. She draws on various leadership development models like the Leadership Maturity Framework, Wilber’s Lines of Development, Appreciative Inquiry’s whole system approach, Mindfulness-based practices, The Enneagram, Transactional Analysis as well as Emotional Intelligence tools and practices to support the individual’s growth.


Pippa has facilitated large summits in organisations using the whole-systems Appreciative Inquiry approach focusing on the development and implementation of vision, strategy and culture change. She has vast experience in facilitating emotional intelligence, resilience and engaging leadership workshops and has run many Insights workshops. 


  • Masters in Coaching (Professional Development), Middlesex University, 2006
  • Accredited in facilitating and debriefing the Enneagram profiles (Integrative Enneagram)
  • Emotional Intelligence inventory assessments (ESCI)
  • Level 1 certificate for the Leadership Maturity Framework
  • Certified member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and the ICF (International Coach Federation)

Sally Brazier

Supported by many years of experience and an expansive knowledge of various methodologies, Sally firmly believes that action, practice and commitment lead to sustainable change. Sally coaches with backbone and heart, and her deep understanding of human behavior and her psychological expertise enables her together with you, to get to the core and liberate awareness.


Sally’s coaching style does not fit any particular brand or model. All coaching interventions are defined by desired personal and organizational outcomes. For Sally the route to achieve those emerge from a unique understanding of the client and the challenges in their current and historical context. Sally’s intuitive interpersonal wisdom and acute insight is the vehicle for appreciating who clients really are and defines the way forward, rather than a prescriptive route defined by an imposed model. The cornerstone of a good coaching outcome is a trusting and supportive relationship, which Sally is adept at co-creating, and within this context, support, challenge and change is possible.  Attention is given to developing a customized approach for each client in order to create a fertile thinking space in which objectives are clarified, perceptions expanded, and awareness of one’s self, others and the complexity of one’s context is increased.


Sally’s experience as a coach has been gained by coaching at an executive, senior and middle management level, with emerging leaders and professional people in the Private, Government and NGO sectors. She has participated in several leadership and broader organizational initiatives in various industries. Examples of both current and previous clients include the Desmond Tutu Foundation, Department of Local Government and Housing, SA Metal, Santam, MWEB, Pioneer Foods, Mars, Woolworths, Premier’s Office of PGWC and Dept of Organizational Development and of Public WW.C); Hospitality Industry; Indigo Brands. Sally has conducted a private practice for 30 years as a clinical psychologist. She is also an ICF accredited coach supervisor, and conducts coaching supervision for individuals and groups, as well as teaching it. The collaborative learning it provides excites her, and similar to her coaching methodology, her approach is Integrative – with an emphasis on relational, developmental, psychoanalytic theory and practice and systemic thinking. 


  • TCC DIPC ( Business and Life Coaching), 2006
  • Registered Coach Supervisor (ICF – International Coaching Federation), 2010
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology, 1983
  • ORSC Fundamentals Training, 2014
  • Certificate in Executive Coaching Skills Coaching Psychology Africa/Encounter Consulting, 2007
  • COMENSA Credentialled Coach
  • COMENSA – Coaches and Ment ors of SA
  • HPCSA – Health Professions Council of SA
  • CTPSPG – CT Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Group
  • CTPF – CT Psychoanalytic Federation

Zeldi Hall

Zeldi creates a compassionate coaching space to support her clients to grow and develop into accomplishing their desires.  She has a passion for witnessing people’s journeys, supporting them to unlock their potential. She strongly believes that transformation starts within, and is therefore passionate about supporting her clients to transform from the inside out through increasing awareness that leads into conscious action.


Zeldi works with an Integral approach to coaching, taking into consideration the various aspects and layers of complexity that the client experiences in their world. She uses the Enneagram, Leadership Maturity Framework, Polarity Wisdom, Ontological Coaching, Neuro-science and Leadership Embodiment as primary tools when working with her clients. Zeldi’s coaching has an influence from somatic work and adult learning processes. She enjoys transformational coaching and supporting her clients towards self-mastery.

She has deep knowledge and understanding of the Enneagram system and has trained and certified with world leaders in the field. She uses the Enneagram to support groups and individual clients with their most significant business and life challenges.

Zeldi has a clear understanding of how humans change and understands how thinking impacts on feelings which impact on actions. She enjoys using creative processes with clients to help them shift their thinking into thoughts that serve their desires and outcomes.


Zeldi has been coaching since 2008 and has gained over 3400 hours of coaching experience. She enjoys coaching clients within an organisational context and is also passionate about embarking on journeys with teams, helping them to develop and transform their ways of thinking, feeling and acting.  Zeldi has extensive experience working with executives and leaders in organisations to support them to navigate the complexity of their worlds.

She is on the Faculty of The Integral Africa Coaching Centre as a Lecturer and Developmentor for the Integral Practitioner Coaching Programme, where she supports students on their developmental journeys.

Zeldi facilitates a range of soft skills programmes, including Leader as Coach/Mentor, Enneagram and Polarity Wisdom workshops in the organisational space.

Zeldi’s experience in coaching and facilitation includes clients and groups at Nedbank, Marsh, ooba, Pam Golding Properties, University of Johannesburg, University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, Maties Sport, Philip Morris, Nampak, Roche Sequencing Solutions, Discovery Health, Western Cape Department of Health, Provincial Treasury, Western Cape Department of the Premier, South African Revenue Service, Polymorph, Global Load Control, Action Aid International as well as with clients in the Call Centre Industry, NGOs, NPOs and SMMEs.

Zeldi has over 20 years’ experience in working with various corporate organisations in the fields of employee wellness, behavioural risk management, resilience, human resource management, project management and client relationship management.  She has been successfully self-employed since 2011.

She strongly believes in making an impact on society through social projects and also by daily habits of living a respectful, aware and conscious life in all aspects of her being. She believes in supporting people through empowering them to have sustainable solutions for fulfilment in their life experience.


  • Zeldi completed a BCom in Communication Management, majoring in Communication Management, Industrial Psychology and Marketing in 1996 and completed a BCom(Hons) in Communication Management in 1998, both qualifications through the University of Pretoria.
  • She then successfully completed her Diploma in Integral Practitioner Coaching (DIPC) through The Coaching Centre during 2008.
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) | Practitioner Member: CoMenSA | Senior Affiliate Coach, Facilitator, Faculty Member and Developmentor: The Integral Africa Coaching Centre | Associate: ICAS | Trainer and Coach: The Enneagram in Business | Organic Coach:  Transmind | Member and Research Leader: The Global Coaching Community | Woman Within Training Level 1 and 2 and Facilitation Track: Woman Within International | Certified Coach and Business Associate NeuroZone.