Amidst all the studies on leadership one will find considerable disagreement and be left with many questions. One thing is, however, universally acknowledged – the complexity of leadership.

Luckily for you, we at Aspiral believe we have found a unique and pragmatic way to tackle the adventure that is the field of leadership. A hack, perhaps. Here is a clue:

Tom Peters, one of the living greats of leadership, said this of a fellow legendary icon in the field:

“Warren Bennis—master practitioner, researcher, and

theoretician all in one—has managed to create a practical

primer for leaders without sacrificing an iota of necessary

subtlety and complexity. No topic is more important; no more

able and caring person has attacked it.”

We at Aspiral believe this to be true. Warren Bennis was onto something. Tom Peters knew it. We know it. And soon you will too.

So, this is the FIRST bit of Aspiral’s secret sauce:

We have managed to craft a distinctive and pragmatic framework for developing leaders, without losing the ‘subtlety and complexity’ of the endeavour.

That’s essentially these 12 lessons of Leadership Essentials and our unique guidance through them.

The SECOND bit of Aspiral’s secret sauce is this:

The full complexity of leadership starts with one fundamental principle.

That leadership principle is captured in these two Warren Bennis ideas:

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.”

The process of becoming a leader is similar, if not identical, to becoming a fully integrated human being.”

Both, of these undertakings, he said, were grounded in self-discovery. And Aspiral’s approach is 100% aligned with this

These two quotes guide the philosophical fundamentals of this course and much of the approach we take in the next 11 modules. What it means for you, on this course, is this:

  • Becoming and being your authentic self is key
  • This may not be easy
  • We take a developmental approach to guiding you accordingly
  • You will, over time, become a more mature, more integrated and more authentic human being and leader.

From a more traditional leadership perspective, in case you’re needing a reference point, this approach aligns us with Values Based Leadership, Authentic leadership, and a Development approach.


  • At it’s very essence, leadership is about influence, usually in organisations
  • The leadership landscape is age-old, and there are numerous definitions, theories, styles, functions, competencies, and historical examples of leadership, and noted scholars.
  • One thing is universally acknowledged – the complexity of leadership.
  • Lodestar believe we have found a unique and pragmatic way to distil the subtlety and complexity.
  • The full complexity of leadership starts with a few fundamental principles.
    • Leadership authenticity is vital
    • Leadership maturity is key
    • This may take some effort on your behalf
    • We take a developmental approach to guide the way

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