Founder of Aspiral Coaching & Leadership, Roland Cox, offers experience, discernment and deep appreciation of leaders and their inherent challenges. His expertise lies in grasping the heart of the matter swiftly, articulating it clearly and collaboratively, and mapping the way forward concisely.

Roland’s 1:1 coaching is a sincere, personal partnership dedicated to developing individuals as humans, as leaders and as executives. He believes that ongoing, open relatedness forms the cohesive relationships that are the foundations of personal transformation. This belief coupled with his natural warmth and curiosity creates the foundation for deeply authentic and productive partnerships – a collaboration over time marked by generous listening, compassion, warmth and honesty. And ultimately, personal transformation.

In organisations, Roland takes great care to understand and clarify the language and paradigms of executives, truly inhabiting their worldviews and facilitating their best thinking. By building long term, sincere and mutually expressive partnerships as the primary container for transformation, a newer, shared language develops and enables shifts in perspective and approach. Through this meaningful engagement and commitment, Roland is able to enrol and support his clients in experientially testing freshly generated possibilities, as part of their leadership development.

Leaders who work this way tend to both ‘grow up’ and ‘wake up’, developing maturity, becoming more aligned and at ease with who they are becoming, as well as more influential and more productive.

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The essence of Aspiral’s offer is about being present, listening, grasping and mapping the core narrative of a challenge. We broadly refer to this as ‘assessment’.

By closely partnering with key stakeholders in a coaching process, we then help to expand ways of seeing and doing, and collaboratively develop a way forward with and through leadership.

Our most popular engagements are the following:

Executive Coaching

Context is king, they say.

Yet our principle of relating to coachees firstly as individuals and leaders in transformation, and only then as executives within an organisational context, has proved highly successful.

Respecting these natural ‘nested realities’ means that as executives are personally empowered, so too are their teams and organisations (and beyond).

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Team Coaching

The natural progression from successful Executive Coaching is the inclusion of the Executive team in the winning formula.  

As language becomes more universal within the entire team, cohesion develops.

Awareness, problem solving, decision making, productivity, innovation and communication all start to show significant improvement.

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Coaching Clusters

An inspirational and cost-effective way for individuals or teams to be coached while learning how to coach.

Leaders reflect on immediate, relevant challenges in coaching forums and generate meaningful insights and actions.

Aspiral ’s unique combination of approaches fast tracks any team’s ability to coach and deal with real organisational issues. 

Coaching Clusters also work well in support of other coaching initiatives or when introducing a coaching culture into an organisation.

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Virtual Coaching

As with most things, including coaching, the rise of a virtual variety is on the increase.

Utilising constantly improving tech platforms, more and more leaders from across the globe are engaging our services. We’ve coached senior leaders on all the continents (ok, not Antarctica).

Virtual coaching is an extremely cost-effective way to support leaders in virtual or geographically dispersed teams, in any time zone.

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Coaching for Financial Advisors

Advice is not what it used to be. More expansive approaches are required, and the field is maturing.

This course gives wealth managers, lifestyle planners and financial advisors the fundamental understanding of how coaching works, and through this, the skills and techniques to enhance the way they engage their clients. That is, to coach simply, powerfully and appropriately.

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